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“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”
-Dolly Parton

A certified E-RYT yoga instructor with a background in martial arts, I began my practice in yoga in 2007. After a series of back & knee injuries, I was advised by my physical therapist to try yoga to help heal & regain some flexibility. It was that advisement that began my journey into the world of yoga. It was not long after that I was able to see the benefits of yoga, especially as a great counterbalance to the intense training I have been doing. I began to notice improvement in the elasticity of my muscles as well the strengthening of core. But it did not stop there. As my body slowly healed & became stronger, I also noticed my mind & body became calmer. After each class, my body felt more relaxed as I learned to use my breath to help release tension & stress that I tended to hold in my muscles. As I continue my practice, I became more aware of my body & its needs. After a number of years, I realized that I wanted to understand more about yoga & the alignment of body. Thus began my 200+ hour teach training course through MIND BODY SOUL Yoga in NYC.

I received my 200+ hour yoga certification on Halloween of 2015 at MIND BODY SOUL Yoga in Manhattan, under the instruction of Alyssa Snow and Stacey Linden & began teaching at the studio soon after. I am also the founder of STRETCH'N FLOW Yoga, an online yoga class, specializing in Hatha/ Vinyasa, with a choreographed sequence of yoga moves designed to be in sync to a progressive playlist with an emphasis on building strength in the core to help to stabilize & strengthen the body & mind. In 2013, I have also created & taught GINGA FLOW (originally called Ginga Fit), a fitness class that implementss the moves of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art & yoga with strength & conditioning training.

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