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Stretch’n Flow yoga classes will return in April. Stay tuned as I continue to keep you posted.

Join me in tonight’s Vinyasa Level 1 class @ 7:30pm - 8:30pm at MBSY.

Stretch’n Flow will be returning in April as Keystone Dance Studio finishes up the repairs & renovations due to their extensive water damage. I will continue to keep you posted.

Early morning yoga classes @ MBSY from Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday evenings. See schedule below.

Breaking new!!!!! My newest playlist, “Among the Stars’, a tribute to sci-fi & space travel in honor of the coming spring equinox, is finally on my website. Check it out at

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been staying warm. As many of you know, the spring equinox is soon upon us. It is a day where the sun shines directly on the equator causing the day & night to be nearly equal in time as well as signaling the first day of spring (something I have been waiting for during this especially cold winter.) As I think of the balancing of day & night during the equinox, I can’t help to think of ways to keep balance in our lives. Sometimes it can be hard with all the challenges that may come our way throughout the day that can cause stress. For me, I can’t help but think of balancing postures that not only strengthen but also help me to stay grounded. As many of you know, balancing postures can go a long way to work on improving core strength, thereby stabilizing the body & keeping it strong. By working the core, we can move towards improving posture & maintaining the body’s ability to function over time. Finally, balancing postures requires a great deal of focus that can improve the our ability to concentrate & remember as well as letting go of tension to help keep the mind & body calm. So join me this week as we continue to bring balance throughout our daily practice.

This week’s class schedule:


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Vinyasa Level 1


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

6:45am – 7:45 am: Hatha


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

7 am – 8 am: Vinyasa Level 1


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

6:45am – 7:45 am: Vinyasa Level 1

“My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.” ― Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously... I'm Kidding

(See photo of your truly as I balance out my week in Virabhadrasana III/Warrior III.)

Check out photos in my Instagram page, Juneliloyoga.

New photos will be posted throughout week.


June Li… “Think Yoga Differently…”

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