A new year with new changes…

Join me in today’s Yoga for Athletes at 5pm @ Studio in the Heights, then off to tonight’s Vinyasa Level 1 class @ 7:30pm - 8:30pm at MBSY.

Stretch’n Flow yoga class is now on Tuesdays only @ 6:30pm – 7:30 pm, Keystone Dance Studio @ 252 W. 30th St., #4B. See details below for change in details & pricing.

Early morning yoga classes @ MBSY on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Yoga Express @ 6:15am-7am on Wednesdays at Studio in the Heights. See schedule below.

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I myself was away as I celebrated with family and friends. Though I immensely enjoyed my time off, I have to admit that it was not always so stress-free or restful as I continued to post on social media throughout my break, leaving me feeling tired & a bit frazzled. As I returned, ready to tackle 2019 full-force, life seem to have a different idea as I was thrown a curve-ball, reminding me of my intention at the end of last year (yep, just last week…LOL) to slow down & make time for myself. What to do? LISTEN… and perhaps make some minor changes as well. Many of you may have noticed a slight adjustment in my teaching schedule this coming week. Though it was a hard decision to make, I realized I was running on fumes towards the end of the year, leaving me utterly exhausted. Therefore, the Stretch’n Flow Yoga classes on Mondays have been suspended for the time being & the pricing format will change from a donation-based class to a standard rate of $12. Also, though I will continue to send weekly post to keep you up to date on my teaching schedule, the content may vary & perhaps be less about the asanas/poses of the week. Who knows how this year will evolve but I look forward to seeing where it will go. Until next week…

This week’s class schedule:


Studio in the Heights

500 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

5pm – 6pm: Yoga for Athletes

Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Vinyasa Level 1


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

6:45am – 7:45 am: Hatha

Stretch’n Flow Yoga

Keystone Dance Studio @ 252 W. 30th St., #4B, NY, NY 10001

6:30 pm – 7:30pm: Hatha/Vinyasa ($12/cash or PayPal)