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Shall we open our hearts…

‘Vin & Vinyasa: A Yoga Retreat in the South of France’.

Countdown continues… 4 weeks & 4 spots left!!!!!

Join me June 8-15th, 2019 for some yoga, massages, delicious food, and most importantly wine!

Contact me for more info, special deals & discounts.

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

-Herman Hesse

Hi Everyone,

Tis the season of constant change as spring continues to battle to take over the cold & raining weather. I don’t about you, but my body has certainly been feeling the effects. With allergies & seasonal cold, the constant back & forth from warm to cold, sun to rain, my entire body has been working extra hard to constantly adjust causing my shoulders to become especially tense & my breathing to be a bit more shallow. Many of you may have noticed that I have been including a lot of poses that help to open the chest & shoulders lately. So it is no surprise that in keeping with the idea of working to open our bodies to help combat these effects while keeping the body strong & limber that I re-introduce Ustrasana or Camel Pose. Camel Pose is great pose that stretches the entire front body, quads, hip flexors & ankles, while strengthening the back muscles, arms & thighs. It also loosens up the vertebrae improving flexibility of the spine, posture, & helps to relieve back pain. This pose also works to expand the abdominal region, improving digestion & elimination. Because it is such an intense heart opener & back bend, it is important to come into the pose slowly & with a great deal of care. With all these great benefits, what better way to battle the latest effects of the weather than with a pose that not only opens & expand, but also strengthens the body.

I am also happy to announce that “Recover & Restore” workshop is back at Studio in the Heights for "Seasonal Maladies" on Saturday, May 18th from 3-4:30pm!

Check out details below. Register here:

P.S. I will also be subbing Wednesday night’s 8pm-9pm, Yoga for Athletes at Studio in Heights.

P.S.S. MBSY will be closed this Tuesday, so there will be no class this Tuesday morning.

This week’s class schedule:


Stretch’n Flow Yoga

Keystone Dance Studio @ 252 W. 30th St., #4B, NY, NY 10001

6:30 pm – 7:30pm: Hatha/Vinyasa ($12/cash or PayPal)


Studio in the Heights

500 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

6:15am – 7am: Yoga Express

8pm – 9pm: Yoga for Athletes


Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

6:45 am – 7:45 am: Vinyasa Level 1


Studio in the Heights

500 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

3pm - 4:30pm: Recover & Restore Workshop for "Seasonal Maladies"


Studio in the Heights

500 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

5pm – 6pm: Yoga for Athletes

Mind Body Soul Yoga

350 Fort Washington Ave., NY, NY 10033

7:30-8:30pm : Vinyasa 1

“The door to your heart opens inwardly. Only you can open it.” ― Dragos Bratasanu, Ph.D.

(Yours truly in Ustrasana or Camel Pose.)

Check out photos in my Instagram page, Juneliloyoga.

New photos will be posted throughout week.


June Li… “Think Yoga Differently…”

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